Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Hunter Donaldson?

Hunter Donaldson is a limited liability corporation based out of La Habra, California.  Health care providers, such as MultiCare, hire Hunter Donaldson to file and collect on medical services liens.

Does my client owe Hunter Donaldson money?

No.  Hunter Donaldson files medical services liens on behalf of the hospital, doctor, ambulance service, or other health care provider that provided your client with medical treatment.  Contrary to any representations or omissions made by Hunter Donaldson while attempting to collect on a medical services lien, any money owed under the lien is owed to the health care provider that actually treated your client, not to Hunter Donaldson.

What is a medical services lien?

RCW 60.44.010 allows health care providers such as hospitals, doctors, and ambulance services to claim a lien for medical services provided to your client.  RCW 60.44.020  allows a health care provider to claim the lien by filing a notice of lien in the county in which your client actually received the medical services.  Typically, the liens are filed with the county auditor’s office.  Please contact us if you need emailed copies of liens filed against your client.

What is a fraudulent lien?

RCW 60.44.020 imposes certain requirements on filing medical services liens.  One requirement is that the liens must be “verified before a person authorized to administer oaths”—a notary public.  In many instances of its lien filing practices, Hunter Donaldson chose to use Rebecca Rohlke, a Hunter Donaldson employee, as its notary.

Rohlke notarized the liens under a Washington State notary license.  However, RCW 42.44.020(1) requires a Washington notary to be a Washington, Idaho, or Oregon resident.  To that end, RCW 42.44.020(2) requires an applicant for a Washington notary license to provide their address and certify the information under penalty of perjury.  In her notary application, Rohlke provided a Gig Harbor, WA address.  We have reason to believe, however, that Rohlke is and has always been a California resident.

Rohlke was not alone in her fraudulent conduct, however.  RCW 42.44.020(2) also requires three Washington residents to endorse a person’s notary application.   Jason Adams, who was at the time MultiCare’s Vice President of Revenue Cycles, endorsed Rohlke on her application and provided his address.  However, the address Adams listed was actually for a personal mail box located at a mailing service.  In turn, the address Rohlke provided as her Washington address was actually the home address of Adams.

The implication is clear—Adams and Rohlke coordinated together to provide Rohlke with a Washington address, allowing her to fraudulently obtain a Washington notary license.  Rohlke then used her fraudulent notary license to notarize thousands of liens filed in Washington, many of them unsurprisingly on behalf of MultiCare, Adams’s employer.  Simply put, Rohlke has never been a valid Washington State notary public, and any liens notarized by her are invalidated by her and Adams’s fraud.

Additionally, Rohlke’s jurat accompanying her attestation acting as a notary public contains the sworn statement that they were made in Pierce County, Washington.  Again, our investigations give us reason to believe that each of Rohlke’s attestations were, in fact, made in California.  These further fraudulent statements by Rohlke invalidate medical services liens notarized by her and filed by Hunter Donaldson.

Finally, RCW 60.44.020 also require medical services liens to be “subscribed by the claimant.”  RCW 60.44.010 lists the individuals and entities permitted to claim a medical services lien:  “every operator . . . of an ambulance service or of a hospital, and every duly licensed nurse, practitioner, physician, and surgeon rendering service, or transportation and care.”  In many instances, liens filed by Hunter Donaldson were signed on behalf of MultiCare by Ralph Wadsworth.  Wadsworth, however, is Hunter Donaldson’s owner, not an employee of MultiCare, the proper “claimant” under the statute.

Can Hunter Donaldson collect on a lien against my client?

Simply put, was the medical services lien against your client’s recovery notarized by Rebecca Rohlke while purporting to act as a Washington State notary?  Was the medical services lien subscribed by Ralph Wadsworth?  If so, the lien is invalid, and you should not pay it.  For your convenience, we have provided a template letter on this website that you can send to Hunter Donaldson outlining your position on the lien’s invalidity.  We have  a database of liens filed by Hunter Donaldson with the Pierce County Auditor’s Office.  Please contact us if you need emailed copies of liens filed against your client

In the meantime, trust that Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala is working around the clock to obtain a preliminary injunction enjoining Hunter Donaldson from continuing its attempts to collect on liens that it knows are fraudulent and and a judicial declaration ultimately invalidating them.  That’s where we need your help.  If Hunter Donaldson has made efforts to collect on such a lien against your client, please contact us about submitting a declaration in support of our ongoing motions practice.  Together, let’s stand up for our clients and shut down this fraudulent collections scheme once and for all.

How does my client become part of the class action lawsuit?

Your client is automatically part of the class action suit if the court approves it.  In the meantime, we'd like to speak with you and your client and get all the specifics around the lien and its circumstances.  This will help us track their specific sub-class, and notify you all of court decisions.